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We supply novel graphene inks and develop graphene/2D materials technology and applications for customers

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Cambridge Graphene Limited is an operating company of Versarien plc

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Graphene Inks

for product and application development

Proprietary process

Cambridge Graphene uses a scaleable production process for its graphene ink, developed at the Cambridge Graphene Centre, University of Cambridge. The process allows for a range of ink formulations to be manufactured in order to meet the requirements of different printing methods and substrates. Currently, all Cambridge Graphene inks are aqueous, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Custom Inks

As well as standard inks, Cambridge Graphene can customise its ink formulations to meet the requirements of its customers. Tailored inks for different substrate choices, printing method and product performance are all possible. Let us know your requirements.

What we do

We supply proprietary Graphene inks and undertake development projects for customers in application areas including, but not limited to:

High performance inks for conductive applications

Printed conductive inks for flexible electronics, antennas and a range of new products. Graphene inks can be cheaper, flexible, printable and better for the environment than traditional circuit board solutions.

Graphene enhanced composites

Graphene has been shown to significantly modify the characteristics of composite materials. Exactly which form of graphene and functionalisation to use in specific applications is a development challenge for manufacturers. We undertake projects to define the recipe required for commercial products.

Supercapacitors and batteries

Increased processing power means increased energy usage. Graphene’s applications in battery and capacitor technology will deliver huge advances across the low-power device market.

If your interest is not listed above - just ask. We may be able to help

CG ink 1

CG ink 2

Typical ink characteristics




Viscosity (@ 100 s-1)

3-4 cP

~600 cP

Total solids content

~0.1 wt%

10.3 wt%


These products can be stored at room temperature (20oC)

Typical graphene characteristics

Flake type

Few-layer graphene

Graphene plus graphite nanoplatelets

Lateral size

80-500 nm

1000 ± 500 nm


Few-layers, < 3 nm

~10 ± 5 nm

Graphene content

0.2-0.5 mg/mL

100 mg/mL

Typical film properties

Deposition method

Ink Jet Printing,

Vacuum Filtration, Meyer Bar Coating

Flexo/Gravure/Screen Printing/Blade/

Meyer Bar Coating

Drying conditions

100°C for 10 min

Sheet resistance @ thickness

~4 kΩ/□ @ 80 nm *

30 Ω/□ @ 2 µm

~10 Ω/□ @ 25 µm

Transparent films



Typical Substrates

Glass, Paper, Plastics



Neill Ricketts

Chief Executive Officer

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Stephen Hodge

Chief Technical Officer

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Advisory Board

Dr. Felice Torrisi

Technology Advisor

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Dr. Tawfique Hasan

Technology Advisor

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Company profile
Versarien plc (AIM:VRS), is an advanced engineering materials group. Leveraging proprietary technology, the Group creates innovative engineering solutions for its clients in a diverse range of industries. Versarien has six subsidiaries operating under two divisions. The “Graphene and Plastics” division comprises Cambridge Graphene Ltd, which supplies novel inks based on graphene and related materials, using patented processes to develop graphene materials technology for licensing to manufacturers, 2-DTech Ltd, which specialises in the supply, characterisation and early stage development of graphene products. www.2-, and ACC Cyroma Ltd, which specialises in the supply of vacuum-formed and injection-moulded products to the automotive, construction, utilities and retail industry sectors. Gnanomat S.L., based in the Parque Cientifico Madrid, Spain, is a company capable of utilising Versarien's graphene products in an environmentally friendly, scalable production process for energy storage devices that offer high power density, almost instant recharging and very long lifetimes for use in electrical vehicles and portable electronics products.

Vacancy for Project Scientist
A position exists for a Project Scientist to work on upscaling a process to develop conductive graphene inks and to develop demonstrators.
The employee will be located in the Cambridge Graphene Centre, University of Cambridge, 9 JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 0FA, UK.
The aim is to upscale technology licensed by Cambridge Graphene Ltd. to produce graphene and related material inks to exploit the mechanical, thermal, optical and electrical properties of these materials. The employee will undertake the optimization and formulation of aqueous and solvent based inks and dispersions for a wide range of printing and coating techniques (e.g. doctor blade, spray coating, inkjet, flexo, gravure, screen printing). Inks based on such materials will be optimized for printing on a broad range of substrates including paper, plastics, glass and textiles, predominantly for battery and supercapacitor applications.
The position will involve characterising and quality checking the material and ink properties (graphene particle size, quality, conductivity, ink rheology, surface tension, etc.) and to develop demonstrators for applications such as smart packaging, touch screens, flexible electronics and sensors, for example.

The position will also involve drafting industry research proposals such as InnovateUK projects and working with other Versarien companies.
The successful candidate will have a PhD in Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Materials Science or closely related discipline. Preference will be given to candidates with proven expertise in preparation, optimisation, and characterization of inks based on graphene and related materials. Experience in handling industrial collaborations, including reporting with frequent and strict deadlines and attendance to project meetings is also highly desirable, as well as experience of managing own workload.
The salary for this position will depend on the applicant’s experience.
To apply for this vacancy please send your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a covering letter to Stephen Hodge (

If you have exceptional skills, are innovative and want to work in one of the most interesting and groundbreaking areas of technology, send your CV to

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