Cambridge Graphene

Versarien sponsor the 6th Annual Graphene and Related Materials Conference

CDT Conference 2019

Delegates from the universities of Cambridge, Lancaster, and Manchester came together to present their work across across a wide array of topics and to share their experiences as postgraduate and early-career researchers.

Invited speakers shared their work and ideas on graphene and related materials from the forefront of their respective fields.

This year's themes included:

 energy generation and storage

 fundamental physics

 optoelectronic and electronic devices

 biology and chemistry

 fabrication and characterisation

Beyond research-focused talks, CGL's Dr Hodge took part in an Industry panel discussions regarding, while Dr Galhena took part in a panel discussion regarding women in science.

The Versarien prize for "Best Talk" went to Shahab Akhavan for his work on "Graphene-black phosphorus hybrid photo-transistors beyond 2.5 micron"

CDT Conference 2019 photos

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